Saturday 28 November 2020

Diego Maradona the reality

 A great splurge of ecstasy over Maradona. It seems devoid of perspective and serious assessment of his actual achievement. He had extraordinary skills and some incredible moments, which lend themselves to clips on the internet - above all from the 1986 world cup. He was also a media dream. Always a story, often lurid. But let's look at his record. Won one world cup. Pele won three. Two league titles in Italy, none in Spain.  An average of 0.47 goals per game in Europe.  Internationally his average was 0.37. Not in the same league as a goal-scorer as Messi (int ave 0.5) and Rinaldo (0.6). Charlton's ave was  0.46 from the midfield. Not as great as Cruyff as a reformer of the game.  This assessment does not involve the 'hand of god' goal. Most professional sportsmen in team games cheat to one degree or another - and I support Scotland. 

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