Saturday 25 June 2016


I feel ashamed to be British. We have succumbed to  narrow-minded jingoism and covert (sometimes overt) racism, encouraged opportunistically be those who should know better.  The cosy political and financial cabal's in London must take their fair share of blame, and Corbyn's  Labour party has been wholly impotent.
It's clear that two factors won the day for brexit. The first and most prominent is immigration. Campaigners reporting from the "doorstep" indicated that this was almost the only issue that really counted. The second is decades of neglect of the regions, particularly in the North of England, which allowed those who have been "left out" to blame the EU - in spite of EU regional aid.  This does not apply to Scotland, which thinks behaves as a country.

We are now cut adrift in the North Sea, battered by financial and social storms and bereft of credible leadership.

What to do? We should strive to be internationalist on a world-wide basis, fostering genuine British values independently of the corrupt power structures that pertain in so many walks of life, above all financial. This means that we should do everything to stop John Major's "bastards" from taking over.

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