Friday 8 May 2015


The worst electoral result since the election of the Churchill Tories after the Attlee government!
A campaign dominated by negativity and fuelling fears has resulted in the favouring of corrupt bankers, unaccountable multi-nationals, rapacious utility companies and the sordid gang of the wealthy, privileged and powerful who run our lives and live beyond political and financial control.
Worst of all the Tories jingoistic (English) playing on fears of tartan wreckers ensured that the vast majority of Scots could only vote one way. It was amazing to see the Scots replacing immigrants as the bogeywomen and men. Scottish political and social instincts are diametrically opposed to those of the Conservatives. The desire for separation is understandable.
I feel sorry for the Lib Dems. The stepped in to avoid potentially disastrous instability at the peak of the financial crisis. The were seduced by power, to be sure, and did not use it consistently well, but they did not deserve this butchery.
The two glimpses of light are the non-election of the pub bore Farage and the defeat of Ed Balls, whose muddled policies and delivery played strongly to claims of Labour's economic incompetence.
The Labour party seem likely to move even further right. This leaves the Greens as the only radical alternative, but they need a change in the system.
It now looks as if necessary electoral reforms are further away than ever.
I'm to hear the silvery Iestin Davies singing Bach this evening, which will remind me that humans can still aspire to great things -  after a debasing election.

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